Don’t play with your food

This past weekend the International Agency for Research on Cancer has stated that processed meat and red meat are as bad for you as cigarettes as they contain substances that increase cancer risk. And that red meat may damage the lining of the bowel causing Bowel Cancer. The list includes bacon, sausages, ham, salami, pork, beef, lamb, […]

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Sexy Halloween Costumes!?!?

Was reading a women’s magazine on-line and found an article named Sexy Halloween Costumes that got me thinking. Alice in Wonderland Mini Mousse Catwoman Ghost Cat School girl Playboy bunny Nurse Angel Firefighter Sailor Superhero Jasmine from Aladdin Mermaid Goddess These can be rearranged to the following categories: Lock your pets I have daddy/mommy issues  […]

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Simple is sometimes better

Went to Boots on Sunday looking for some red lipstick that wouldn’t make me look like Morticia Adams as I’m a bit faired skinned and found this Boots own brand ones. The colours are very simple and sweet and they don’t have 20 shades of each, like most other brands, but they are still quite fashionable […]

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Yogurt cake

This is one of my favourite cake recipes since i’m not that good at baking, enjoy. Yogurt cake recipe Ingredients Do not throw away the yogurt cup has it will serve as a measuring cup for the entire recipe 1 yogurt – I used the West Country Luxury Yogurt – Elsanta Strawberries & Cream from […]

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34th Birthday

It was my birthday on Friday. I took the day off from work to indulge in the very simple pleasure of life, a lie in to catch up on my sleep, a cup of tea in bed, a bit of shopping without hordes of people, a nice warm lunch instead of the cold salad or […]

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