No expectations, no disappointments.

No expectations, no disappointments.
So why bother?

I find very hard to live without expectations, after all we all fight for something in our lives, either its love, a promotion at work, even the result of a match.

We as human beings expect that our lives will turn out for the best and that no harm comes to us so the idea of a life without expectations seems quite discomforting and deprived of humanity.

So here’s a story.

Boy meets girl, one gets infatuated or in love, and the other one doesn’t, unrequited love at its finest.

But there’s a twist to this story, at some point one of them will say that high hopes or expectations aren’t desirable or welcome (take your pick). Now this is the part where you can finish the story as you well please because the focal point and my question is. Why bother?

Yes, why bother spending time and energy, human resources of great value, if expectations aren’t or won’t be met and there isn’t enough predisposition on the other person to invest the same amount in to a possibility, it might even end up as a simple friendship but it sounds a bit rude, to say the least, that something like that is actually said to ones face.

Of course that we should always be honest regarding our intentions but there are other and better ways of conducting yourself in this situations and we should never be upset about the other persons response to our affirmation.

As I dwell in this question more questions come to mind.

Don’t we owe ourselves the right to experience life and its results whether we achieve happiness or not? A no can be a chance to learn as much as a yes.

We put so much effort in our careers and material goals but when it comes to the more complex human emotions there seems to be a generalised fear of the unknown and of any pain that might come of it.

Seems to me that we as human beings have become such mentally fragile creatures that we simply refuse ourselves to embark on any type of experience that hasn’t been a total success for others because the end result isn’t has pretty as a tv add.

Personally, I bother, I try, I fail a lot but keep on going, some might call me stubborn but that’s me, I expect that every day is a chance to live, love, learn and as much as possible to laugh.

Lots of love


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