Where do you try your make-up?

MakeupSunday while at Boots looking for a new shade of lipstick I got a vision from hell.

This woman around my age was trying lipstick on her lips, yuck alert!!!

Let’s think about this for a moment, everyone that is looking to buy a new shade of lipstick try’s it on their hand or inner part of the wrist, considering that our hands touch a lot of surfaces they get crawled with bacteria, so when you try a lipstick on your hand you actually transfer the bacteria from your hand to the lipstick and vice-versa.

Basically this woman was transferring someone else’s bacteria straight to her lips and considering that some people aren’t prone to wash their hands after going to the toilet… you guessed it… other people’s business on the lipstick and in this lady’s case on her lips. Same rule applies with mascara although you can’t do that anymore (I hope) or you can get a nice eye infection.

Please don’t use the testers on yourself.

Lots of love


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