34th Birthday

It was my birthday on Friday.orchids

I took the day off from work to indulge in the very simple pleasure of life, a lie in to catch up on my sleep, a cup of tea in bed, a bit of shopping without hordes of people, a nice warm lunch instead of the cold salad or sandwich, so pretty simple but needed.

Mr. Parker was home so he made my b-day a full surprise, I had post cards, presents and tea in bed, he took me shopping to the nearest outlet so I could buy my new walking boots (I walk about 4miles a day), we had a nice warm lunch at Costa, later he made me dinner, one of my favourite British meals Toad in the Hole and let me tell you that his luxurious version of it would make a lot of chefs cry for the recipe.

It wasn’t a sophisticated over the top b-day but it was everything I wanted and needed and Mr. Parker although he is not my boyfriend he is my sweetheart. The beautiful orchids are from him.

Lots of love


PS: Yummy blog post tomorrow

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