Simple is sometimes better


Went to Boots on Sunday looking for some red lipstick that wouldn’t make me look like Morticia Adams as I’m a bit faired skinned and found this Boots own brand ones.

The colours are very simple and sweet and they don’t have 20 shades of each, like most other brands, but they are still quite fashionable as you still have your classic colours, your neutrals and your pastels.

I’ve been trying them out every day and I can say that for me they are pretty nice.

  • No smell, so you don’t end up smelling them all day and get sick of it.
  • No taste, which is good as I don’t like the taste of most lipsticks.
  • Transfer is minimal unless you like leaving lipstick stains on mugs and cups, if you want to leave evidence of your presence on someone better go with another brand.
  • Stays on your lips for quite some time, at 4pm I still had some colour.
  • They don’t leave your lips feeling dry or sticky.
  • Price wise they are about £2 each, bought 3 for 2.

The only downside for me is that they aren’t as creamy as most lipsticks and they don’t feel like they are very moisturizing either but if you primer with some lip balm it’s enough.

And keeping up with the Boots weirdness since the last time I was there I had a lady trying lipstick on her own lips, this time I had a cashier that not only was yawning (I had a glimpse of his sexy tonsils) as he also had a bad case of sniffles (what a concert) not using his hands to cover it up at any time, so 3 for 2 on lipsticks and free germs, do you think that I got extra points for that?

Lots of love


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