Sexy Halloween Costumes!?!?

Was reading a women’s magazine on-line and found an article named Sexy Halloween Poison_Ivy_by_leeruCostumes that got me thinking.

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Mini Mousse
  3. Catwoman
  4. Ghost
  5. Cat
  6. School girl
  7. Playboy bunny
  8. Nurse
  9. Angel
  10. Firefighter
  11. Sailor
  12. Superhero
  13. Jasmine from Aladdin
  14. Mermaid
  15. Goddess

These can be rearranged to the following categories:

  1. Lock your pets
  2. I have daddy/mommy issues 
  3. I want to look like a Kardashian 
  4. My taste in childhood like outfits is weird
  5. Supernatural – because being human is sooo boring

Now, I love Halloween and Carnaval and all takes comes with, the sweets, the tricks, the scares, the decorating and I’m up for a costume but are the ones above really sexy? Do men really find sexy a woman dressed as a child or an animal? I think that Halloween and Carnaval are good ways of self- expression but considering some outfits sexy is just a little weird for me. I’ll probably go out as Poison Ivy this year.

Would love some feedback on this.

Lots of love


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