Don’t play with your food

This past weekend the International Agency for Research on Cancer full-english-breakfast035has stated that processed meat and red meat are as bad for you as cigarettes as they contain substances that increase cancer risk. And that red meat may damage the lining of the bowel causing Bowel Cancer.

The list includes bacon, sausages, ham, salami, pork, beef, lamb, etc

I know from personal experience that read meat if eaten too often can actually increase the risk of kidney stones so I’m not that surprised with this news at all.

What I am surprised is that they only targeted this foods, if you think about everything that you buy from the supermarket either meat or vegetables they are all in a way not that great, animals are raised in poor conditions and feed with grub that is infested with antibiotics, fast growing chemicals and others, the conditions in which this animals are kept are in some cases actual horror stories and it’s red and white meat. Even if you try to buy the free range like I do, there’s always something in the back of my mind that is a bit suspicious of the truth on the label.

Then you have your vegetables, this days you have your greenhouse vegetables (strawberries in the winter!), your usual ones that are full of chemicals to grown fast and big, your genetically modified vegetables to grown fast, big, seedless and in big amounts and last your organic or own grown ones that don’t grown as fast or big as the previous ones but at least you know what you have put in to them.

We have all of this knowledge regarding food but we haven’t found a way of stopping world hunger and we actually managed to increase our cancer risk because we stuff the animals and the vegetables with all the bad things we could find to make a faster profit.

So what are we supposed to eat if everything in the long run is bad for our health?

I don’t think that solution is in boycotting the brands that produce the food or go vegan because we all have to eat and we can’t all afford the lifestyle either physically or financially, personally I do love an English breakfast, a nice steak, roasts of any kind and my veggies with it.

I believe that there should be laws and regulations regarding the way that animals and vegetables are kept, grown/breaded, the entire process should be regulated down to labelling and supermarket display so that companies that want to provide this products don’t gamble with the consumer’s health. This should be monitored and proposed by an independent authority so that there is no corruption with the procedure.

As my mother always said, don’t play with your food.

Lots of love


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