EOS Lip balm review

EOS Lip balm

I wanted to know why EOS Lip balm was all over the press and online media, so I got myself a Strawberry Sorbet one.

And now I get it.

It moisturises your lips leaving them feeling really soft and smooth, since the winter is here and chapped lips are no fun I’m using this in the morning as I get out of the house at half six, I’ve tried the Baby Lips tinted ones from Maybelline but if i put too much you end up with that weird taste of lipstick in your mouth and when it comes to lip balm I like to go a bit over the top with the application.

Usually I don’t wear lip balm during the day but this one is an exception as it’s being used day and night, not only for what it does but also because it tastes and smells delicious, here’s a tip, use lip balm at night to keep your lips moisturized as while you sleep your lips can repair themselves if they’ve been subjected to any harsh conditions.

What’s your opinion on this lip balms?

Are you going to try them?

Leave a comment as I would like to hear from you.

Lots of love

Pearl x

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