The loose powder catastrophe

Went to Superdrug and got myself some loose powder as I was told that mua loose powderholds your make-up for a little while longer and keeps your skin from looking shinier.

As I never tried it before and didn’t look around for info on how to do it properly i soon found out that i shouldn’t play the expert.

Did my make up as usual and to finish it off I was going to apply the loose powder but…

I opened the little box and took the perforated lid as well, well, I didn’t exactly took it off, I yanked it out and all the powder got loose in the bathroom, now I had loose powder all over my face, my eyes, my hair, my clothes, the floor, the sink, the taps, the towels, it was a catastrophe.

Had to clean and hoover everything, change my clothes and have a shower too.

So that’s my lesson on loose powder for today, don’t take out the perforated lid as it’s there to stop you from having a make-up/bathroom catastrophe by allowing the powder to come out in small amounts so you can apply it to your face and not your tiles.

Lots of love


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