The quitting game, 1 month and a big thank you.

Hello to everyone reading this post.

Today I’m 1 month smoke free, very proud of myself, a few pounds heavier but breathing and sleeping better.

I had my doubts as this wasn’t the first time i tried quitting but now i believe it was the first time where my mind was in place for it.

I’ve started forgetting the cigarettes at home, started noticing how i was feeling chained to it, i remember looking at my hand and thinking that that inanimate thing was actually controlling my time and overall life, it started to feel weird to smoke for some reason, it felt that it just wasn’t for me, it wasn’t right.

One month has gone by since i wrote the first post about quitting, it wasn’t easy and sometimes it almost drove me insane, let’s face it, how many times do you clean the grout between the bathroom tiles at 9 pm?

I wan’t to leave a big thank you to everyone that supported me through this month by leaving messages of encouragement on the blog, sometimes i thought that i had to keep going not only for myself but also for all of you, that i couldn’t let me and you down.

Thank you so much to you all.

Lots of love


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