Adopt a pet


How are you today?

Today I went to Pets at Home to get some food and moss for Miss Daisy and I found that they have some small animals for adoption at the store, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits and others. 

These animals haven’t sold as fast as the others and there’s nothing wrong with them.

But they still need a home and lots of love and care.

So, if you have the possibility of adopting a little friend just head to your nearest store or your nearest shelter and adopt an animal.

Lots of love 

Pearl and Miss Daisy (adopted)

4 thoughts on “Adopt a pet

  1. I adopted a hamster from pets at home’s adoption corner called Sybil. She was 16 weeks old and had one red eye and one half red half black eye. She was beautiful and so friendly. I went in the store on the monday to buy my other hamsters some dinner when I first noticed her standing against the glass. I went in on the friday and she was still there so I brought her home. She was proof to me that an ‘odd’ or ‘old’ pet can be a good choice over a shiny new baby pet. Even the oldies need love. Great post!


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