Drugstore contour kits under £10 – review



How are you?

Today I want to talk to you about what i think of the contour kits under £10 that I’ve used in the last few months.

Revolution – Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit in Ultra Fair C01
Barry M – Chisel Cheeks Contour kit
Rimmel – Kate 002 Coral Glow


This kit is just for contouring as there’s no bronzer in it. As you wear it out the texture becomes a bit grainy like sugar grains.
The highlighter is very shimmery and the contour shade tends to fade which tells me that there’s not much pigment in it and the blush has a hint of metallic to it, personally i didn’t like it but if you don’t know how to contour you can start with this one for home learning or for a simple look as long as you keep it light.

Barry M:

This is a full on contouring kit, there’s no blush as there’s a bronzer in it. The texture is very fine and it’s ideal for someone who has been doing contour for a while.
The highlighter has a soft shimmer to it and the bronzer is buildable but without much shimmer to it, personally I think it works better if it’s done in a subtle way, the contour shade it’s a bit tricky if you are not used to contour in the 3 shape, if not done right you will look  like you got bruises under your cheeks.
It can give you a perfect contour as long as you know what you are doing but to be honest this was the first one I bought to learn how to do it.


Like the Revolution one, this is a contour kit for an everyday look without a bronzer.
Fine texture and a soft shimmer to all components of the kit so you can build up to your style, really like the colour of the blush as it’s a soft coral like pink so it’s not too heavy and you won’t look like a clown.

Overall, I won’t be buying the Revolution one again and I’ll be using the other two depending of the look I’m going for. Keep in mind that contouring will make you look older than you really are and it will give you a more severe look. Blush when applied correctly makes you look healthy and the wrong way makes you look silly and last, too much highlighter can actually make you look somewhat greasy. In the end it’s up to you and this is only my opinion as I’m not a make-up artist.

The Revolution kit isn’t in the pictures because I binned it after writing the post and only realised what I’ve done when i was taking the pictures 2 days later LOL

Until the next post

Lots of love

Pearl x

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