Fast and easy Millionaire’s Shortbread


How are you today?

Millionaire’s Shortbread is one of my favourite desserts and I’ll be baking it for Macmillan’s Coffee Morning that I’m co-organising at work.

Here’s my recipe for a fast and easy Millionaire’s Shortbread.

3 pack of shortbread biscuits of 160 gr each (I used the basic one’s from Sainsbury’s)

60 gr of unsalted butter

1 can of Nestle caramel or 2 depending on how much caramel you want on it

3 chocolate bars (also Sainsbury’s basic but i got a dark chocolate, a milk and a white)

1 roasting tin 28 cm x 23 cm x 5 cm

Baking paper to line the tin

Glass bowl

Sauce pan



Here we go:

  1. Blitz the shortbread biscuits to fine sand in a food processor, if you don’t have one just place them in a plastic bag and beat them with a rolling-pin.
  2. Add the melted butter and mix it until you have a paste (biscuit base like the one for cheesecake), once again if you do not have a food processor just do it in a bowl.
  3. Line you tin with the paper and pour in the biscuit base.
  4. Spread the mix all around the tin so it’s even and flatten it with a spoon (little trick is to have the spoon in hot water for a few minutes).
  5. Let it cool in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  6. Get you caramel can and pour it in a pan, cook for a max of 10 minutes in low heat or until it’s 1 shade darker so that the caramel is thicker, pour over the biscuit base, spread evenly and place in the fridge for at least an hour (I leave it for at least four no matter the recipe).
  7. Break your dark and/or milk chocolate in to the glass bowl and place it in the sauce pan with some water to melt but make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water or it will recook the chocolate and make it lose its shine.
  8. At the same time in another bowl break the white chocolate and melt it in the same way you did for the darker chocolates.
  9. After the setting period of the caramel and once the chocolate has melted pour the darker one over the caramel and swivel around so it covers all of the caramel.
  10. Pour the white chocolate over the darker one in patches and use the toothpick to swirl it around and create a marble effect.
  11. Leave to cool off completely so you can cut it to pieces, about 12 pieces.
  12. Store in the fridge as much as possible in a plastic container.

Hope you liked it

Lots of love


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