The beginning of the bathroom 

Hi, How are you today? There’s no proper post today as me and mr. Parker spent the day painting the bathroom.  The previous tenants did an awful job where you could see the brush strokes and even some brush bristles were stuck in the paint.  Also, when they decided to paint it blue they didn’t […]

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Chocolate Brownies

Hi, How are you today? Today I bring you a healthy version of chocolate brownies made with banana and avocado. Since the beginning of the year that i’m trying to loose a few stubborn pounds but my sweet tooth takes the best of me sometimes. I needed an alternative, something sweet but low on calories […]

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Creative cheese on toast

Hi, How are you today? The other day I saw this recipe online for cheese on toast with pesto, it looked really good and I knew that I had to try it but I gave it a bit of a twist by adding a few ingredients to make more delicious. Toast one side of the […]

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Hello 2017

Hi, How are you today? After a year of ups and downs, lessons learned and some goals achieved, 2016 is over and 2017 as just arrived. I wish that this new year gives us all that we need and hope for. This year i would like to pass my driving test before summer, to be […]

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