January skin and a brownie twist


Skin favourites

How are you today?

January has been quite harsh on me, specially on my skin, I can tell you that for most of the month I haven’t worn much make up, the cold has done some damage leaving my skin dry and flaky, which means that every time I put on foundation it looks cakey and scary.

To avoid and/or treat your skin use a good moisturiser that will rehydrate your skin and help it preserve its moisture, i’m using the Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche with their soothing eye cream. Of course you must combine this with drinking lots and lots of water.

Also, be very careful when exfoliating, the skin is damaged enough so use a simple formula and be gentle when doing it as it could cause more damage and be aware of water temperature, if you come in from the cold for a warming shower don’t use water that is too hot so you don’t cause a temperature shock that will break the structure of your skin.

Finally, be careful with your hands and feet, keep them well moisturised and get yourself a nice pair of gloves and socks or thermal socks if it gets too cold, because I walk to work every day when it gets too cold I take my thermals and change to thinner ones when I get to the office. For my hands I use the hand balm from Superdrug that it’s my favourite hand cream and for my feet I use E45 cream before bed and in the morning.

And now for the brownie twist, two weeks ago I posted a recipe for healthy chocolate brownies, I’ve made them again last night and I added a tsp of chopped mint leaves and instead of sprinkling the chocolate chips on top I mixed them into the batter. The mint cancelled out the taste of the coconut flour and enhanced the taste of the cocoa, needless to say that these brownies taste even better and you get a chocolatey crunchiness from the chips.

And that’s all for today, I’m going to finish my bathroom that me and Mr Parker started last week.

Lots of love


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