The quality of your life (and mine)


How are you today?

This is going to be a long post but it’s about something I really felt like sharing, it’s about the life we have, the one we would like to have and how a little every day can take further and it’s also about the limits that we impose on ourselves.

When you need to find some freedom from what is containing you, you need to find what that is, what is limiting you? Is it your past? Your present circumstances? What is it?

What does it take to open that cage and let you out in to the world?

I know that my upbringing was limited by my parents, they love me unconditionally but parenting ended up not being their forte, I don’t blame them for it as they did what they thought it was best all-around but that influenced how I deal with a lot of situations in my present, either with family/friends/co-workers and my relationship. I can tell you that their fear of me getting hurt led to not learning how to ride a bike, something that I only learned at 31 and I’m still fearful of getting hurt. So every weekend I’m going out on my bike to shake off the fear.

Maybe something has to come in to our life, some event or someone but don’t count on it, you have to get control of your life and what you want to achieve, you set your own barriers and you need to lift them and actually get out, it’s a lot of work but you can do it.

Research what you want for yourself and how you can achieve it but don’t get comfortable in it or you will end up settling, for example I have a good job that provides for all my financial needs but I need more, something that challenges me, a fire in my belly kind of thing. Something that is a bit out of my comfort zone is missing here, getting excited about other things, better things, not only material things, a better me, a better you.

It’s easy to just come home, cook dinner, eat, shower, get stuff ready for the next day, go to bed and do this for 5 days of the week but I leave work at 4pm and go to bed at 9pm so there’s 5 hours that I can use to improve myself and to pursue my goals. If I take the time that I need to complete the usual tasks let’s say that I end up with 3 hours, I can make a choice here, I can either sit on the sofa and watch tv or I can go for a run and improve my health, I can read a book and improve my knowledge and that’s the funny thing about books, you can read anything you want and at least you will improve your grammar or your vocabulary, I can use that time to my benefit and so can you.

Make a choice for your benefit, for your development and improvement, for your quality of life.

Sorry for the long post.

Lots of love

Pearl xx

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