February slap on face and nails 


How are you today?

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, something tells me there’s a cold lurking so I’m writing from the comfort of the sofa with a ginger and lemon tea.

My skin is all better from the harsh cold we got in January and February so I can go back to slap some make up on. 

First we have the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation – it’s a liquid foundation of medium coverage, although it says that it can last up to 16 hours if you have a normal to oily skin like me the T zone will get a bit shiny after around 8 hours but it looks beautiful non the less. It gives a nice finish and a natural glow. It’s good value for money considering that Chanel is the owner of the brand – dupe alert? Not that I’ll be trying the Chanel any time soon as it’s too much on my budget.

Secondly we have the Barry M Feeling Cheeky Sculpting Palette – much better than the Rimmel one I wrote about a few months ago although it doesn’t have a blush, you have contour, brightening and highlighting powder, the powders are easily blend and the colours aren’t too dark so you can build up to your needs.

Also from Barry M we have the Super Mani 7 in 1 treatment – this little thing double as top and basecoat, I’ve noticed that my nails are a lot stronger and less brittle since using it, doesn’t smell much and plays nice with other nail polish brands.

Lastly we have the Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick – the colour range is limited but it lasts quite some time, I’ve heard people complaining that matte lipsticks either solid or liquid are very drying on the lips but this one isn’t as much, I’ve compared it with others that I’ve bought before that are now in the bin. Personally I won’t buy again as its matte and I like shiny vibrant colours.

Hope you enjoyed my small list, if you did please like and comment.

Lots of love

Pearl x

PS – all products bought by me

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