Easy Vegetarian Sausage Casserole

Hi, how are you?

I like a good meat sausage casserole as long as it done with quality ingredients and with mash and veg on the side but I wanted to try vegetarian sausages as I heard that they were and I quote “really good”.

Got myself the usual ingredients but swapped the same amount of meat sausages for vegetarian ones (only found Quorn at Sainsbury’s ) and took about 10 minutes from the full cooking time. Used my massively heavy cast iron pot so I can do the prep in it and place in the oven straight from the hob which means less stuff for me to wash .

To make the sausage casserole just get a pack from Colman’s or another brand you prefer and follow the instructions, I was a bit afraid of doing this and ruining the sausages as I didn’t know if both sausages and seasoning pack would work together, but it did and it smelled and tasted delicious.


Have a nice sunday and I’ll write soon as I have a couple of news and updates for you.

Lots of love

Pearl x

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