Superdrug and Aldi cruelty free products


I’ve written before about cruelty free products and how unnecessary animal testing is, been trying my best to find good, affordable personal hygiene and household products that are cruelty free.

Most of the personal hygiene, including makeup, you can find at Superdrug but recently I’ve found that some household products at Aldi are also cruelty free (pic. below) and much more affordable than other brands like Method and such while still being effective.

I’ve replaced all of my personal hygiene and makeup for cruelty free products and a few household products too and I’ll make a few posts about it when possible as I’m still testing/using them.

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Easy makeup brush and sponge cleaning

Hi, how are you?

Every 2 months I like to clean my makeup brushes and my sponge, hope it’s enough time between them, although there’s several dedicated products on the market that you can easily get from your local beauty store or online I use normal family soap that I got from Aldi and a soap dish.

I’ve also used baby shampoo before but its no match to the clinging power of foundation.

How to clean your brushes:

  1. Wet your brush in luke warm water and brush it against the soap bar a couple of times. You might notice that immediately the soap starts to melt the old makeup off.
  2. Work the soap in to the bristles with your fingers.
  3. Brush it against a brush cleaning pad or in this case a ridged soap dish like the one in the pictures.
  4. Rinse the brush and repeat the steps above until its all nice and clean.
  5. Leave to dry on the side of bathtub so that the bristles aren’t touching the surface or they might end up shaped to it.

Wait a day or two to dry completely.

Tip: don’t leave the brushes to dry in a cup as the water will infiltrate the core, this may result in to loose bristles, rust or rotten.

For the sponge its basically the same:

  1. Wet the sponge with luke warm water.
  2. Work the soap in by squeezing the sponge several times.
  3. Rinse it until the water comes out clean with a few squeezes, repeat as necessary.

Hope you liked today’s post, if you do or have any comments or questions please leave them below in the comments section.

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January skin and a brownie twist


Skin favourites

How are you today?

January has been quite harsh on me, specially on my skin, I can tell you that for most of the month I haven’t worn much make up, the cold has done some damage leaving my skin dry and flaky, which means that every time I put on foundation it looks cakey and scary.

To avoid and/or treat your skin use a good moisturiser that will rehydrate your skin and help it preserve its moisture, i’m using the Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche with their soothing eye cream. Of course you must combine this with drinking lots and lots of water.

Also, be very careful when exfoliating, the skin is damaged enough so use a simple formula and be gentle when doing it as it could cause more damage and be aware of water temperature, if you come in from the cold for a warming shower don’t use water that is too hot so you don’t cause a temperature shock that will break the structure of your skin.

Finally, be careful with your hands and feet, keep them well moisturised and get yourself a nice pair of gloves and socks or thermal socks if it gets too cold, because I walk to work every day when it gets too cold I take my thermals and change to thinner ones when I get to the office. For my hands I use the hand balm from Superdrug that it’s my favourite hand cream and for my feet I use E45 cream before bed and in the morning.

And now for the brownie twist, two weeks ago I posted a recipe for healthy chocolate brownies, I’ve made them again last night and I added a tsp of chopped mint leaves and instead of sprinkling the chocolate chips on top I mixed them into the batter. The mint cancelled out the taste of the coconut flour and enhanced the taste of the cocoa, needless to say that these brownies taste even better and you get a chocolatey crunchiness from the chips.

And that’s all for today, I’m going to finish my bathroom that me and Mr Parker started last week.

Lots of love


Bourjois Mascara Battle


How are you?

Today I’m writing you about the Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour and the new Bourjois Volume Reveal.

To me, finding a mascara that works with my thin lashes and that doesn’t pull them down is quite difficult, so I end up purchasing and binning a fair amount.

First I’m going to start with the Bourjois Push Up Ultra Black Edition, the packaging is elegant and curvy in the traditional Bourjois design with a brush like wand.
About the mascara itself you will need to wipe the excess off by swiping it on tissue paper, it’s actually something that makeup artists do, otherwise it packs a lot of product.
After applying the first coat you can do a second one for dramatic effect, but even with a second coat the mascara doesn’t clump or feel heavy and my lashes looked full and volumised. I would definitely recommend this one for an evening look but it’s just my opinion and I’ll probably use it everywhere except work.

Now for the new Bourjois Volume Reveal, the packaging is completely different from the usual design and comes with a magnifying mirror but the wand is very stiff and doesn’t have the brush like feel that the Push Up does.
You don’t need to apply a second coat of mascara as it does exactly what it says on the tin but it won’t give you the dramatic effect that the Push Up does.
But even with its cons it doesn’t clump, doesn’t feel heavy, you don’t need to wipe off the excess, it does give volume without looking stiff.
It’s perfect for a day time look or a softer evening look and I’ll be wearing it for work.

If you have tried it and you have a different opinion let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love

Pearl x

P.S. – Here’s a hint on a next post… NYX


Drugstore contour kits under £10 – review



How are you?

Today I want to talk to you about what i think of the contour kits under £10 that I’ve used in the last few months.

Revolution – Ultra Sculpt & Contour kit in Ultra Fair C01
Barry M – Chisel Cheeks Contour kit
Rimmel – Kate 002 Coral Glow


This kit is just for contouring as there’s no bronzer in it. As you wear it out the texture becomes a bit grainy like sugar grains.
The highlighter is very shimmery and the contour shade tends to fade which tells me that there’s not much pigment in it and the blush has a hint of metallic to it, personally i didn’t like it but if you don’t know how to contour you can start with this one for home learning or for a simple look as long as you keep it light.

Barry M:

This is a full on contouring kit, there’s no blush as there’s a bronzer in it. The texture is very fine and it’s ideal for someone who has been doing contour for a while.
The highlighter has a soft shimmer to it and the bronzer is buildable but without much shimmer to it, personally I think it works better if it’s done in a subtle way, the contour shade it’s a bit tricky if you are not used to contour in the 3 shape, if not done right you will look  like you got bruises under your cheeks.
It can give you a perfect contour as long as you know what you are doing but to be honest this was the first one I bought to learn how to do it.


Like the Revolution one, this is a contour kit for an everyday look without a bronzer.
Fine texture and a soft shimmer to all components of the kit so you can build up to your style, really like the colour of the blush as it’s a soft coral like pink so it’s not too heavy and you won’t look like a clown.

Overall, I won’t be buying the Revolution one again and I’ll be using the other two depending of the look I’m going for. Keep in mind that contouring will make you look older than you really are and it will give you a more severe look. Blush when applied correctly makes you look healthy and the wrong way makes you look silly and last, too much highlighter can actually make you look somewhat greasy. In the end it’s up to you and this is only my opinion as I’m not a make-up artist.

The Revolution kit isn’t in the pictures because I binned it after writing the post and only realised what I’ve done when i was taking the pictures 2 days later LOL

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Pearl x

Cruelty Free Make Up

Hi,cute bunnie.jpg

How are you today?

A few months ago I watched a video on YouTube about animal testing and I felt sick, I’m not the kind of person to get all squeamish but that was a bit hard-core. Knowing how social media works more videos on the subject showed up on my feed, so I saw another and another and i wondered how can companies still practise animal testing considering the amount of data available not to do so, I can understand some testing if it allows to save lives but make-up and other household products it’s just unnecessary.

Researched on-line some information from organizations whose purpose is to inform you and not only to shock and PETA’s website came up straight away, they have a list of Cruelty Free Brands and Products that you can filter by country, product type etc., also, it features key symbols for vegan, PETA logo included brands and Mall Partner ones (link below).

Although PETA’s website is extremely helpful, there’s a bit more to it as some brands belong to a parent company that still conducts animal testing at some stage of the manufacturing process, although in Europe animal testing is forbidden, outside Europe is a different matter, a good example is that any brand that manufactures and/or sells in China is by Chinese law obligated to conduct animal testing and some brands don’t do it but pay Chinese laboratories to do it for them.

So, if you want to know more about animal testing and cruelty-free brands take a look at PETA’s website.

Link to cruelty-free search list:


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2 Months after the quitting game


It’s been 2 months since I decided it was time to quit smoking.

Have I done it? Yes

Was it hard? Yes

Do I crave it? Everyday, sometimes I get quite anxious and have to walk away from whatever is trigging the craving and when I can’t do it that’s when I go for the chocolate or biscuits or whatever is for grabs.

I’ve gained half a stone in the process, but to be honest I already knew that It would happen.

On the other hand, I feel a lot better, food tastes better, my skin, hair, nails and teeth look better, I don’t get short winded as easy as I used to and there’s a few extra pounds in the bank every month.

Now I’m ready to start another battle, losing the weight I gained in the last 2 months.

Care to join me?

Lots of love


The loose powder catastrophe

Went to Superdrug and got myself some loose powder as I was told that mua loose powderholds your make-up for a little while longer and keeps your skin from looking shinier.

As I never tried it before and didn’t look around for info on how to do it properly i soon found out that i shouldn’t play the expert.

Did my make up as usual and to finish it off I was going to apply the loose powder but…

I opened the little box and took the perforated lid as well, well, I didn’t exactly took it off, I yanked it out and all the powder got loose in the bathroom, now I had loose powder all over my face, my eyes, my hair, my clothes, the floor, the sink, the taps, the towels, it was a catastrophe.

Had to clean and hoover everything, change my clothes and have a shower too.

So that’s my lesson on loose powder for today, don’t take out the perforated lid as it’s there to stop you from having a make-up/bathroom catastrophe by allowing the powder to come out in small amounts so you can apply it to your face and not your tiles.

Lots of love


EOS Lip balm review

EOS Lip balm

I wanted to know why EOS Lip balm was all over the press and online media, so I got myself a Strawberry Sorbet one.

And now I get it.

It moisturises your lips leaving them feeling really soft and smooth, since the winter is here and chapped lips are no fun I’m using this in the morning as I get out of the house at half six, I’ve tried the Baby Lips tinted ones from Maybelline but if i put too much you end up with that weird taste of lipstick in your mouth and when it comes to lip balm I like to go a bit over the top with the application.

Usually I don’t wear lip balm during the day but this one is an exception as it’s being used day and night, not only for what it does but also because it tastes and smells delicious, here’s a tip, use lip balm at night to keep your lips moisturized as while you sleep your lips can repair themselves if they’ve been subjected to any harsh conditions.

What’s your opinion on this lip balms?

Are you going to try them?

Leave a comment as I would like to hear from you.

Lots of love

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