Philosophers stone – my furniture edition

Hi, hope you are well.

As my holiday is coming to an end I would like to share with you some of my little projects.

I’ve bought two Rast chest of drawers from Ikea about a month or so as I got fed up with not having matching bedsides but I didn’t want to spend much and these gave me the chance to do something to my own taste.

Finished them today after 3 coats with 4 hour in between.

Not sure about the handles.

I sleep by the window

Overall cost ÂŁ120 for both

Day and a half in my case but 1 day is enough.

Because it comes flat packed and untreated all I did was some initial sanding to get rid of any grease and/or dirt, 3 coats of Ronseal medium oak with 4 hours in between with some light sanding before the third one.

Let it dry, put the handles, assemble and put stuff back in again.

Hope you liked it and/ or feel a bit inspired.

Lots of love



Sexy 50’s inspired notebook

I’m Hi, how are you?

Now that Autumn is here, activities tend to be more indoors oriented.

A few years back my stepmom taught me how to do decoupage, it’s a technique were you decorate pieces with pre-printed paper, I like to use napkins and rice paper, although there’s other types available.

I haven’t done it for over 5 years so this was just a skill test to jolt my memory. I used polka_dot fabric to cover the back and part of the front, red ribbon and rice paper. hopefully the next one will turn out a bit better 🙂

I hope you like it.

Lots of love


Easy makeup brush and sponge cleaning

Hi, how are you?

Every 2 months I like to clean my makeup brushes and my sponge, hope it’s enough time between them, although there’s several dedicated products on the market that you can easily get from your local beauty store or online I use normal family soap that I got from Aldi and a soap dish.

I’ve also used baby shampoo before but its no match to the clinging power of foundation.

How to clean your brushes:

  1. Wet your brush in luke warm water and brush it against the soap bar a couple of times. You might notice that immediately the soap starts to melt the old makeup off.
  2. Work the soap in to the bristles with your fingers.
  3. Brush it against a brush cleaning pad or in this case a ridged soap dish like the one in the pictures.
  4. Rinse the brush and repeat the steps above until its all nice and clean.
  5. Leave to dry on the side of bathtub so that the bristles aren’t touching the surface or they might end up shaped to it.

Wait a day or two to dry completely.

Tip: don’t leave the brushes to dry in a cup as the water will infiltrate the core, this may result in to loose bristles, rust or rotten.

For the sponge its basically the same:

  1. Wet the sponge with luke warm water.
  2. Work the soap in by squeezing the sponge several times.
  3. Rinse it until the water comes out clean with a few squeezes, repeat as necessary.

Hope you liked today’s post, if you do or have any comments or questions please leave them below in the comments section.

Lots of love

Pearl x

Vegetable garden 

Hi, how are you today? Me and mr. Parker have been working on our vegetable garden for a few weeks now and this Saturday the landlord came over and replaced the decking so it looks really smart. 

We want to grow as many vegetables as we can in our little garden and make really good food that I promise to share with all of you. 

So far we have planted: tomatoes, peppers, chilly peppers, chard, salad leafs, carrots, challots, beans, strawberries, cucumbers, pumpkins, lambs lettuce, lettuces, leeks, rhubarb, cabbages and I’m sure i’m forgetting something. 

Would love to read your opinions, suggestions and comments below.

And have a Happy Easter weekend wherever you are and whatever your beliefs. Just share the chocolate. 

Lots of love 

Pearl x

Redecorating my tiny kitchen


How are you today?

Do you remember a post a couple of months ago asking your opinion on what colour should I get for our kitchen?

Well, after some discussion, some opinions and many samples, I ended up choosing a colour and doing the paint work, couldn’t wait anymore and since Christmas is coming it needed to be finished before having people over, besides I still had a few days to take off at work.

Mr Parker wanted it aubergine and I wanted yellow or lime green, please bear in mind that our kitchen is very, very small, every time I need to do a washing I need to move the bin and when I need to fully open the fridge I have to close the kitchen door. But on the bright side it takes less time to clean and also to paint.

It took me a full day and 4 coats of Cornish Ice-cream to get rid of that dark sage green but absolutely worth it.

I masked all the skirting boards, around the door and window frame, filled the holes with white filler and sanded them after dry so it’s levelled.

Tip: Sand your test colours before painting the kitchen or any wall, or you will end up noticing exactly where they were.

Started off by painting along the edges of the walls i.e. the skirting boards, frames, cabinets and after having that dry, painted the walls with the roll, let that one dry and come back for another coat, in this case 4 coats and a lot of climbing up the cabinets to bet to the wall above it.

Since this house is a rental you won’t believe the things I found on top of the kitchen cabinets, 3 yellow greasy PG tips tea bags, curtain rings and a keyboard.

Check out the before and after pics below.

Lots of love