Quitting smoking – Take 5


How are you today?

I’m once more trying to quit smoking, although it’s the 5th time I’m trying eventually I’ll be stronger than the addiction.

I got an cigarette and a few different flavours, tobacco, mint, rhubarb and custard and also bubblegum.

It’s around £20 as the shop gave me 2 flavours for free and it’s quite colourful.

Now I just have to be good and stick with it.

Wish me luck.

Lots of love

Pearl x


Quit smoking – 2nd attempt 

Day 2 – Run Forest, run.

That was me, running away from cigarettes.

Good night 


2 Months after the quitting game


It’s been 2 months since I decided it was time to quit smoking.

Have I done it? Yes

Was it hard? Yes

Do I crave it? Everyday, sometimes I get quite anxious and have to walk away from whatever is trigging the craving and when I can’t do it that’s when I go for the chocolate or biscuits or whatever is for grabs.

I’ve gained half a stone in the process, but to be honest I already knew that It would happen.

On the other hand, I feel a lot better, food tastes better, my skin, hair, nails and teeth look better, I don’t get short winded as easy as I used to and there’s a few extra pounds in the bank every month.

Now I’m ready to start another battle, losing the weight I gained in the last 2 months.

Care to join me?

Lots of love


The quitting game, 1 month and a big thank you.

Hello to everyone reading this post.

Today I’m 1 month smoke free, very proud of myself, a few pounds heavier but breathing and sleeping better.

I had my doubts as this wasn’t the first time i tried quitting but now i believe it was the first time where my mind was in place for it.

I’ve started forgetting the cigarettes at home, started noticing how i was feeling chained to it, i remember looking at my hand and thinking that that inanimate thing was actually controlling my time and overall life, it started to feel weird to smoke for some reason, it felt that it just wasn’t for me, it wasn’t right.

One month has gone by since i wrote the first post about quitting, it wasn’t easy and sometimes it almost drove me insane, let’s face it, how many times do you clean the grout between the bathroom tiles at 9 pm?

I wan’t to leave a big thank you to everyone that supported me through this month by leaving messages of encouragement on the blog, sometimes i thought that i had to keep going not only for myself but also for all of you, that i couldn’t let me and you down.

Thank you so much to you all.

Lots of love


The quitting game, day 12

It’s nice that my sense of smell is back as it kept mr. Parker from burning the brownies he made this morning. 

Regaining your sense of smell is amazing, you realise how some food smells a lot better, your clothes smell nice and fresh instead of hashy, how flowers actually have a smell, even the most delicate, but there’s a dark side. 

Do you remember those old spy movies where they could put you to sleep with a handkerchief embedded with some kind of liquid? 

That’s what socks are to me these  days. James Bond’s knock out tools. 

Lots of love


The quitting game, morning of the 11th day.

I can’t believe that I’m almost in the 2 week mark.

Still having some cravings but a lot less, quitting this habit after almost 20 years it’s something that I never thought I would accomplish, but here i am.

Today I’m writing from the hairdressers as i’ve decided to give myself a little present. 

Lots of love 


The quitting game, day 8

1 week gone.

Still having some cravings and feeling very hungry, since you’re expected to gain a little weight when you stop smoking I’ve been trying to eat healthier and drink lots of water.

When the cravings come lurking i try to keep myself busy, both physically  and mentally, so two nights ago in a desperate attempt to get occupied I cleaned the grout between the shower tiles. Thankfully the kitchen has hundreds of small tiles 😛

Until tomorrow 

Lots of love 


The quitting game, day 4


Today was hard, i was a bit tense.

According to what I’ve read about quitting smoking your body should be nicotine and carbon monoxide free by day 3 or 4 so I’m getting clean as well. 

Until tomorrow,

Lots of love


The quitting game, day 3

Another day without smoking.

Cookie recipe to share on Sunday, should I post as usual or make a small video? 

Lots of love