Superdrug and Aldi cruelty free products


I’ve written before about cruelty free products and how unnecessary animal testing is, been trying my best to find good, affordable personal hygiene and household products that are cruelty free.

Most of the personal hygiene, including makeup, you can find at Superdrug but recently I’ve found that some household products at Aldi are also cruelty free (pic. below) and much more affordable than other brands like Method and such while still being effective.

I’ve replaced all of my personal hygiene and makeup for cruelty free products and a few household products too and I’ll make a few posts about it when possible as I’m still testing/using them.

Until next time

Lots of love

Pearl x


Being chic, oh my! – 7 Basic style tips

Hi everyone,

How are you today?

I don’t consider myself a stylish person and usually I only plan my outfits if it’s a special event and since I’m not in a profession where I have to deal directly with the customers, jeans and the company logo blouse became my uniform.

I often wear jeans and a comfy jumper over the weekend, like a second version of my work uniform and that was making me feel a bit frumpy. So I sat at the desk and did some research that I’m sharing with you today.

  • Anytime you have something tight on, you want to style it with something loose, skinny jeans with a looser/flowy top or fitted top with looser skirt like a maxi.
  • Try to mix casual with dressy, if you have a really dressy top try to pair it with jeans and/or trainers to add that casual statement to it and make the outfit versatile, personally I like a blazer/jeans/flats combo.
  • Monochromatic is OK if you feel that you can’t choose anything on that day, you know, that feeling of having nothing to wear kind of thing, you can also add a pop of colour to enhance a feature or just for plain fun.
  • If you are like me, a trainers girl, sometimes just swap them for flats or heels (depending of occasion) it completely changes your outfit and the way you look.
  • Pick a body part you like and try to draw attention to that, cleavage down to your belly button isn’t chic, if you want to show that much you should just go out with your bra on only, saves time and money. I know everyone is doing it on the red carpet but most of them have body tape under the dresses so a nipple doesn’t pop out to say hello.
  • Accessorize, doesn’t matter where you go put some accessory or accessories to it, a ring, some earrings, a bracelet, your watch, do love a watch and earrings.
  • Cape your blazer or jacket over the shoulders, looks cool.

I’ll be using these tips on my next shopping trip and do a follow up post.

Hope you’ve liked it and if you have any tips you would like to share please do so as I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love

Pearl x