Obsession, we’ve all gone bonkers

For a while now that the word obsession and it’s other forms are being used on a daily basis to describe how much something is enjoyed.The definition by Collins Dictionary is: 1. psychiatry a persistent idea or impulse that continually forces its way into consciousness, often associated with anxiety and mentalillness 2. a persistent preoccupation, […]

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Sexy 50’s inspired notebook

I’m Hi, how are you? Now that Autumn is here, activities tend to be more indoors oriented. A few years back my stepmom taught me how to do decoupage, it’s a technique were you decorate pieces with pre-printed paper, I like to use napkins and rice paper, although there’s other types available. I haven’t done […]

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Thoughts on waste.

Human beings are the most wasteful of all animals. You give a cat a fish and it will eat it on the spot, you give a dog a ball and it will play with it until it falls apart, you care for them and they care for you and brighten your day, no matter who […]

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Quitting smoking – Take 5

Hi, How are you today? I’m once more trying to quit smoking, although it’s the 5th time I’m trying eventually I’ll be stronger than the addiction. I got an cigarette and a few different flavours, tobacco, mint, rhubarb and custard and also bubblegum. It’s around £20 as the shop gave me 2 flavours for free […]

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