Chocolate Brownies

Hi, How are you today? Today I bring you a healthy version of chocolate brownies made with banana and avocado. Since the beginning of the year that i’m trying to loose a few stubborn pounds but my sweet tooth takes the best of me sometimes. I needed an alternative, something sweet but low on calories […]

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Creative cheese on toast

Hi, How are you today? The other day I saw this recipe online for cheese on toast with pesto, it looked really good and I knew that I had to try it but I gave it a bit of a twist by adding a few ingredients to make more delicious. Toast one side of the […]

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Redecorating my tiny kitchen

Hi, How are you today? Do you remember a post a couple of months ago asking your opinion on what colour should I get for our kitchen? Well, after some discussion, some opinions and many samples, I ended up choosing a colour and doing the paint work, couldn’t wait anymore and since Christmas is coming […]

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