EOS Lip balm review

I wanted to know why EOS Lip balm was all over the press and online media, so I got myself a Strawberry Sorbet one. And now I get it. It moisturises your lips leaving them feeling really soft and smooth, since the winter is here and chapped lips are no fun I’m using this in […]

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Simple is sometimes better

Went to Boots on Sunday looking for some red lipstick that wouldn’t make me look like Morticia Adams as I’m a bit faired skinned and found this Boots own brand ones. The colours are very simple and sweet and they don’t have 20 shades of each, like most other brands, but they are still quite fashionable […]

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Where do you try your make-up?

Sunday while at Boots looking for a new shade of lipstick I got a vision from hell. This woman around my age was trying lipstick on her lips, yuck alert!!! Let’s think about this for a moment, everyone that is looking to buy a new shade of lipstick try’s it on their hand or inner […]

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