Sexy 50’s inspired notebook

I’m Hi, how are you? Now that Autumn is here, activities tend to be more indoors oriented. A few years back my stepmom taught me how to do decoupage, it’s a technique were you decorate pieces with pre-printed paper, I like to use napkins and rice paper, although there’s other types available. I haven’t done […]

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Bourjois Mascara Battle

Hi, How are you? Today I’m writing you about the Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour and the new Bourjois Volume Reveal. To me, finding a mascara that works with my thin lashes and that doesn’t pull them down is quite difficult, so I end up purchasing and binning a fair amount. First I’m going to […]

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Sexy Halloween Costumes!?!?

Was reading a women’s magazine on-line and found an article named Sexy Halloween Costumes that got me thinking. Alice in Wonderland Mini Mousse Catwoman Ghost Cat School girl Playboy bunny Nurse Angel Firefighter Sailor Superhero Jasmine from Aladdin Mermaid Goddess These can be rearranged to the following categories: Lock your pets I have daddy/mommy issues  […]

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