Bourjois Mascara Battle

Hi, How are you? Today I’m writing you about the Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour and the new Bourjois Volume Reveal. To me, finding a mascara that works with my thin lashes and that doesn’t pull them down is quite difficult, so I end up purchasing and binning a fair amount. First I’m going to […]

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Cruelty Free Make Up

Hi, How are you today? A few months ago I watched a video on YouTube about animal testing and I felt sick, I’m not the kind of person to get all squeamish but that was a bit hard-core. Knowing how social media works more videos on the subject showed up on my feed, so I […]

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The loose powder catastrophe

Went to Superdrug and got myself some loose powder as I was told that holds your make-up for a little while longer and keeps your skin from looking shinier. As I never tried it before and didn’t look around for info on how to do it properly i soon found out that i shouldn’t play […]

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Don’t play with your food

This past weekend the International Agency for Research on Cancer has stated that processed meat and red meat are as bad for you as cigarettes as they contain substances that increase cancer risk. And that red meat may damage the lining of the bowel causing Bowel Cancer. The list includes bacon, sausages, ham, salami, pork, beef, lamb, […]

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